Vintners Podcast

Wine, Food and Rock 'n' Roll with Justin Chearno

Episode Summary

Interview with Justin Chearno, partner and wine director at the award-winning restaurant, the Four Horsemen in Brooklyn, NY

Episode Notes

In this episode of the Vintners Podcast, we interviewed Justin Chearno, the partner and wine director at the Four Horsemen, Michelin-starred restaurant located in the hip neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. The Four Horsemen has recently received the James Beard Award for their outstanding wine program.

Chearno talks about his life and his music career, which led him from DC to NYC and eventually to the wine industry. He spent a decade as a wine buyer and operations manager for Zev Rovine Selections, a natural wine importer, who is also Chearno's friend.

Then, he took on his role at The Four Horsemen alongside his three friends and business partners—James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Christina Topsøe and Randy Moon.

This episode is the most unedited, unfiltered and natural yet, no pun intended. Justin reveals stories of his life that most of us can relate to and brings wine talk down to earth.